hello friends.  as you can tell….my blog is kind of well…sort of…gone.  Anyway, long story short, I am not a CSE major, and I have no idea how to code.  Literally…no idea.  Anyway, if you find yourself at this url and at this site, just know that my blogs have not disappeared forever, but rather taken a brief vacation to another location on the world wide web.  Anyway, I’m not quite sure what happened…but fear not!  Here are the urls to my old and new blogs!

Click HERE to access my original blog that documented my senior year of high school!

Click over THERE to access my current blog! 🙂

Anyway, maybe one day I’ll make it back to this domain, but for now, I surrender to the mysterious world of computer science.  You got me this time…and probably every other time I encounter you in the future….

I apologize for the confusion!  xoxo blooberries

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